Toshiba Xario 200 with PVU-382BT Transducer


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The refurbished Canon Xario 200 shared service ultrasound machine is a mid-range lightweight used ultrasound machine.

This ultrasound is designed for clinics, small offices, and departments where a compact design is important for transporting the images between exam rooms.

The Xario 200 ultrasound machine features some of Toshiba’s advanced technologies found on the high-end Toshiba Aplio ultrasounds. This includes its high density architecture, ApliPure+, Differential Tissue Harmonics, and a 19-inch high resolution monitor.

This is a shared service ultrasound machine that features CW Doppler, TEE, and 3D/4D imaging technologies.

Probo Medical Toshiba Xario 200 Ultrasound Machine Review

The Xario 200 is ideal in office situations and those where mobility is an important feature. Its compact design also allows it to take up a small footprint in the office setting. The more advanced imaging technologies offered on this system provide solid image quality for users looking for a mid-range ultrasound machine.

 System and probe come with a 90 day warranty