Siemens Acuson Freestyle with L13-5 Transducer


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The used Siemens Acuson Freestyle point-of-care ultrasound machine is the first ultrasound machine to use wireless transducer technology, addressing the needs of those seeking a truly sterile environemnt.

The Freestyle’s submersible wireless transducers make it ideal for sterile environments because there are no cables and the operator can manage the exam through the controls on the transducer.

The refurbished Acuson Freestyle focuses on providing a convenient, easy-to-use ultrasound machine with good image quality for surgical environments.

The Freestyle’s transducers are cable-free and operate on wireless technology. The transducers also operate as a wireless remote controller, where the operator can control settings and parameters via controls on the transducer, eliminating the need for contact with the ultrasound system.

Probo Medical’s Acuson Freestyle Portable Ultrasound Review

Designed for MSK, interventional radiology, needle guidance, and anesthesiology, the Acuson Freestyle introduces an entirely new technology to the ultrasound world.

The Freestyle has good image quality an solves many of the issues and inconveniences of using a traditional console or portable ultrasound in sterile environments.

 System and probe come with a 90 day warranty